Self-service ordering app for restaurants

Self-service kiosk allows customers to browse menu and place their orders, allowing you to reduce labor costs, increase sales and improve the overall customer service experience.


Simple & effective

Let your customer place the order himself, and enjoy the following benefits

An enlightened customer

Customers will enjoy information about your dishes as well as photos to showcase them, and allow them to choose from the different options available.

Pay & print

Payment can be made directly at the kiosk via a payment terminal (credit/debit cards as well as Apple & Android Pay). A ticket is then issued from the terminal.

Receive orders

3 different ways of integration with your kitchen: via your POS, a tablet application and/or printing the order on a kitchen printer.

Reduce labor costs

By using a kiosk to take orders, you free your employees from these tasks and allow them to focus on cooking and serving.

Improve your revenue

With Upsell

Suggest to your customers a dessert or a drink in addition to their dish, while taking the order.

The average ticket increases by 30% with this feature.

Smart kiosk

We offer full equipped kiosks with 32" screens that goes on a stand or could be fixed on the wall. 21" kiosks are also available to use less space and that could go on counters.

Kioskgourmet application is supported by any Android devices. So you can even use your own devices.


Integrated to your POS

Receive orders directly into your POS. We support most POS through our partner Deliverect.

More than 100 POS supported.

Multi restaurants

Ready for Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are rising in popularity because they're a lower cost alternative to operating a traditional restaurant.

Share the costs between several restaurants, whether it's a Ghost kitchen or a food court, and display the different menus on the same kiosk. Kioskgourmet was designed for Ghost kitchens.

Kiosk administration

Update your menu in real-time

Thanks to our admin app, available on PC / Mac, tablet or mobile, update your menu, photos or price yourself in real-time.

You can also customize everything related to the look of your menu.

They talk about us

A restaurant owner who wishes to have a kiosk in his establishment (...) will have the advantage of being able to process more orders and to assign his employees - harder to find at the moment - to other tasks than taking orders



When a customer places an order, suggestions are offered, which an employee does not always do spontaneously. This results in a higher average ticket price.

Canadian Innovation Week


The increase in the number of take-out orders in restaurants due to dining room closures, as well as the labor shortage in the industry, prompted Brice to develop an order kiosk to facilitate service and reduce wait times.



Simple and Flexible Pricing

No commitment
$129/ month

Cancel your plan anytime.

Include hardware & support

We offer turnkey solution that includes hardware & support. Volume discount available.

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