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Common queries about our restaurant self-service kiosk solution

Do you support my restaurant POS?

We are integrated with Deliverect, which supports most POS systems on the market. We might also support your POS natively. Please contact us.

Which terminal payment methods are supported by kiosk application?

We currently support Stripe terminals as well as Clover Flex terminal

Which hardware is supported by the self-service kiosk application?

Our application requires Android OS on the kiosk. Also for printing receipt, we require a USB printer compatible with ESC/POS protocol.

How are orders transmitted to the kitchen ?

We offer a kitchen application that can be installed on an Android tablet. Orders can also be printed to kitchen printers. In addition, we have a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that can be used in the kitchen and by customers to track the progress of orders.

Do you support SRM / MEV (Quebec) ?

Yes, we are fully integrated with the SRM in Quebec.

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